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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Setting up and keeping going Anarcha-feminist groups (2000?)

Why set up an anarcha-fem group?
* Promotes community
* Gets you support for what are often considered strange beliefs
* Good way to get actions going
* A place to talk through ideas you have
* An easier way to get things done than on your own

Different ways to set up groups
* Advertise in Sekhmet
* Advertise in your local paper
* Distribute leaflets to cafes and places
* Talk on community radio
* Use student networks - paper and radio

How to maintain a group and keep it going

The main thing is having stuff to do and getting everyone involved in it.
Have a focus, even if it is short term, like organising one stall at one
event.  Doing one action may show a group where it wants to put its energy
for future actions. For instance in the case of one stall, maybe having
stalls at another location, or having regular stalls. The action may
trigger off an action which is completely different for instance,a stall -
to a rally or fundraiser.  Whatever circumstances, actions promote a sense
of achievement for groups whether they are new or establised.  

There are many different types of action, 1) activism: rallys, marches,
vigils and other forms of direct action- some which could involve "handy
hints with bricks", 2) street theatre, 3) getting information out eg 
stalls, leaflets, articles, letters to the editor and posters 4) social
evenings, 5) fundraisers, eg sausage sizzles or garage sales, 6) networking
with other womens groups 

Important things about meetings and group process

* Firstly it is important to have a regular meeting time and meeting place.  Phone trees are a good way of reminding women about meetings especially if they don t happen weekly.  Ensure that new members are put on the phone tree.

* Ask people what they would like to get out of the group, what they would
  like to do.  
* Make sure that everyone has had an oppertunity to speak without forcing
  anyone to speak.  Ensure that everyone has acutally agreed to decisions.  

* Keep a minute book.  They are invaluable because individuals can refer
  back to them to see what they agreed to do in the meeting.  It's
  important to keep track of intentions and aims from meeting to meeting.  

* Be prepared for influx of new people.  Maybe have a prepared
  introduction kit. Take time to tell newcomers what you have been doing in
  the last few weeks.  Perhaps orgainse a social evening for newcomers so
  that they get to know everyone and feel more confident in participating
  in meetings.  

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