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Friday, October 15, 2010

Mujeres Libres Declaracion / Mission Statement (2005)

Mujeres Libres is a collective that works with and is part of the Los Angeles chapter of the Southern California Anarchist Federation if you're interested contact Ale.

We are revolutionary anarchists (1), women and men, opposing any form of dominance, oppression, and exploitation of women by patriarchy (2) and capitalism (3). As anarchists, we are aware of the multitude of shapes that domination and exploitation over women can assume: sexual and emotional exploitation in relationships; capitalist exploitation of low and unpaid female labor;
all forms of machista (4) violence against women from whistling in the streets to rape; statist denial of reproductive and civil rights; patriarchal defining of female identity and its violent enforcement; social gender roles and unequal labor division; racism, classism (5) and marginalism (6) against non-mainstream women; and many others.
We, women and men of the "Mujeres Libres"?, oppose the patriarchal and capitalist system of domination of women with our vision of self-determined individuals living, loving, and working in equal relationships, all of us having the same level of responsibility, accountability, opportunities and freedom: we are all equal because we are all different. We oppose the specific system of capitalist exploitation of female labor with our vision of equal rewards for female work, wherever it may take place. We oppose patriarchal arrogance and paternalism (7) with our vision of autonomy (8) and self-determination. Every woman shall have the choice to define herself in her own way, according to her needs and desires. We oppose all forms of violence with our vision of non-domination.
We know that the process of decolonization (9) and emancipation requires not only a struggle against the state and its allies, but also working within ourselves, our relationships and our communities. That is why we not only want to destroy this oppressive system and its agents, but to proactively build the future world in which we want to live. As anarchists we believe that this struggle has to take place in our autonomous communities, in our neighborhoods and families, and through mutual aid within and between these communities, forming a network of solidarity. Our grassroots struggle does not know borders - it is transnational (10), transgendered, multiethnic, and diverse. It has to empower women, their status, organizations and position in society in general through direct action and education, through cultural expression and by means of our creativity. Our communities shall be nurturing and loving environments so we can resist the destructive forces from within and outside.
We are prepared for a long struggle: Long live the Mujeres Libres! Que vivan las Mujeres Libres!
(1) Anarchist: A person who rejects all forms of government or hierarchy plus a highly pro-democratic, egalitarian being.
(2) Patriarchy: A form of social power given unevenly to men, in which men dominate or exploit women in various circumstances.
(3) Capitalism: An economic system based on money and private ownership of factories, schools, institutions, food, etc., which effects the political and social systems; leaving a select few to have all the gains and power.
(4) Machismo: The culture and ideology behind "masculinity," stressing characteristics such as arrogance, male dominance, domination of women, aggression, and patriarchy.
(5) Classism: Refers to discrimination based on class - the classist does not apply the same set of values and rights to somebody of a "lower class."?
(6) Marginalism: Similar to racism and classism, but towards somebody on the margins of society, such as homeless people, beggars, prostitutes, junkies, etc.
(7) Paternalism: Condescending behavior towards somebody assumed not capable of taking responsibility for their life, thus imposing culture and decisions, restricting their freedom and autonomy.
(8) Autonomy: Self-government or self-management of a community, region, workplace, individual etc. - they are free to make their own decisions independently.
(9) Decolonization: The process by which we begin to challenge our internalized beliefs and ideologies that have been thrust upon us by the colonizers/oppressors.
(10) Transnational: Transcending our nations - implying that we are not representatives of specific nations since it is often these nation-states that oppress us.

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