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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Questions and Statements From The Trans/Queer People Of Color Caucus (2009)

At the Bash Back Convergence this year some QTPOC(queer/trans people of color) caucused and came up with a list of points for the white auxillary to discuss, think about, etc.

Here is that list, spread it:

Having non-western culture experiences is not the same as being POC.

When planning conferences or doing anything, think about gentrification. Gentrification workshop while having gentrifying shows.

What does it mean to date a POC

Does gender as well as skin tone affect the relationship?

Do you find yourself hearing/making racist comments if there are not obvious POCs in the room?

How do you treat your friends depending on skin. What are your expectations of your POC friends?

Why are self-proclaimed “radical” spaces & collectives often only mostly white? Besides the false assumption that POCs don’t care.

Reconciling doing activism that should involve being an ally to POCs (us) socializing & organizing being done by all mostly white people

Why are radical spaces in POC neighborhoods mostly white and sometimes looking like hipsters come into them / instead of being accessible/inviting to the POCs in the neighborhood

Talk about how gender is informed by race and pluralize queer identities. how does misogination inform notions of queer.

Personally, I have felt responsible for being the barometer for my white fellows as to whether or not complex racial situations are OK or not, whether they need to be addressed or not.

Saying things like “fuck culture” when it comes to ‘radical issues’ like female mutilations in Africa, implying that it’s OK for white privileged Americans to enter “other cultures” and tell them mutilations are “not okay” you can’t just be feminist and not actively anti-racist or anti-nationalist

It seems that some white radicals take security less seriously because they come from their place of privilege + POC’s have a hard time getting their security needs met and are met with resistance

What it means to be an ally vs. what it means to be in solidarity. POCs- defining what ally means not whites saying what it is.

Cultural appropriation of indigenous genders “two-spirits”… after events of white hipster variation only.

Cultural appropriation dreadlocks/Mohawks (styles).

Class privileged nature of the convergence space.

What’s an anti-racist campaign look like? Where’s BB lacking??

Consciously seek out knowledge and theory by POC / queer female writers!

Accept experience as a valid form of radical consciousness-raising. Don’t be an intellectual elite anarchist.

love and solidarity,
a BB!er

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