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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Consent and Sexual Assault discussions important

I think frustration would be the word for what a lot of feminists are feeling when it comes to discussions about the accusations against Julian Assange.  These articles are a few of those that bring up some interesting points about the situation.
Some Shit I’m Sick of Hearing Regarding Rape and Assange
The rush to smear Assange's rape accuser
Naomi Wolf: Assange captured by the “dating police”
No one gains from this 'rape-rape' defence of Julian Assange
What the Assange case reveals about rape in America
Talking About Julian Assange Has Become Utterly Terrible

There have been a lot of efforts among anarchists/feminists to discuss and educate on consent and sexual assault issues.  It is important first of all for everyone to understand consent.  This is just one step.  How do we deal with instances of sexual assault, supporting survivors and confronting perpetrators?  Although there are disagreements, various folks are determined to be able to deal with these issues without the state.  Below are some zines and other pieces that I have archived on this website that are relevant and useful to read, review, and share with others.  For even more beyond these, click the labels "consent", "sexual assault", "abuse", "accountability", etc.

Learning Good Consent

Let's Talk About Consent Baby zine

Consent zine

Frozen Inside: Questions on Consent (2004)

World Without Sexual Assault: For A Community Response to Sexual Assault

Revolution Starts At Home, The : Confronting Partner Abuse in Activist Communities (2009) zine

Ask First! zine

Let's Talk Consent zine

Don't Rape Each Other!

Rape Culture (2007)

Thoughts on Community Support Around Intimate Violence zine (early 2000s)

Men Can Stop Rape zine

What to Do When: Someone Tells You that You Violated Their Boundaries, Made Them Feel Uncomfortable, or Committed Assault (zines)

Taking The First Step: Suggestions To People Called Out For Abusive Behavior

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