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Thursday, September 23, 2010


by Molly Tov
So they say a womyn's work is never done, and here I am writing an article that a man should be writing, and I'm starting to believe it.
Wimmin have been looked over, talked over, pushed back, laughed at, been shut up, used, abused, and raped all by our "brothers" self titled anarchist men and proclaimed revolutionaries. All the anti-sexist men quick to jump on someone else's sexist remark when around an anarchist crowd, but will let it slide when around his not so "P.C." friends. The men who vocalize their aggression against rapists, but when THEIR lovers say no, coercion is simplke, and its not rape, because he's ANTI-SEXIST. There are men who use anti-sexist talk to pick up wimmin. The men who challenge others to call them on their shit and when someone does, on goes the defense mode and he's appalled that someone could say HE was fucking up, instead of actually thinking about the situation and to start working on it.
We already know all men are sexist, just as all white people are racist because of our society, white people still having privilege over people of colour and men still have privilege over wimmin, and once born into this process its incredibly hard to break it, especially when you forget to look at yourself. Once men slap "REVOLUTIONARY" on themselves, they think once they know a problem exists, that they are no longer a part of that problem, which they are.
As always before and now, sexism is a second hand term. It seems everything is being laid out in order of importance, made by who? Its like "first we'll fight racism, cos' we already know how to beat up nazis, then maybe we'll think about sexism, capitalism, or homophobia, whichever least affects our privilege. After that if there's time, and no more beer, we can read about speciesism, ageism, or ableism. if we're really cool we'll learn a little about it all to improve our social skills for the next gathering."
Whatever happened to fucking equality? How did some isms become more important than others you ask? Its called "How to be cool in the political scene, and keep as much privilege as possible" (look for it at your local corporate bookstore).
It's sad when it comes to the point where we don't want to think of anyone but ourselves or the P.C. status quo. Which brings me back to the conclusion of all these "feminist" men, who care so dearly about wimmin (or at least fucking them), until it affects their privilege, they care. Which I challenge SELF-PROCLAIMED anti-sexist men to really think about, how far the words they speak so well, go maybe try asking your best friend or lover just how anti-sexist you are.
Has this article offended you yet? Do you use your knowledge of others oppression to make a change or to just make a good impression. Do you feel challenged when a womyn speaks? Ever assumed its ok to touch someone? Ever feel bothered when a womyn asks you to confront sexist bullshit? well fuck you, you choose the term revolutionary not me.
Unless we can start seeing ourselves as the problem, and until we can actually start talking and listening to each other about our problems and work on them, revolutionary change will always remain a distant dream.
So the last question being, how many articles does it take until men start working on their shit? Aren't you tired of hearing and reading about it (if they even took the time)?
Maybe Smith and Wesson do a better job??
At least stop considering yourselves revolutionaries, YOU'RE NOT MY COMRADE.

From Profane Existence

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