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What is Anarcha-Feminism?

I have been compiling anarcha-feminist writings off and on for at least 7 years, have been part of a couple anarcha-feminist groups, yet I cannot determine that there is one definition for anarcha-feminism.
Anarcha-feminism, though hyphenated, most anarcha-feminists would agree is implicit in anarchism/anarchy, but the emphasis is on gender because we need to fight gendered oppression, which tends to get marginalized within the larger realm of anarchism.  Anarcha-feminism is not a sect of anarchism like anarcho-syndicalism or anarcho-primitivism, for an anarcha-feminist can have affinity with these and other sects.  As will become obvious upon reviewing the content of this site, there is no singular position from which anarcha-feminists come from.
The items at this link are all those on the site that have been tagged with the "what is anarcha-feminism" tag: what is anarcha-feminism.

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