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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Zines/Pamphlets on Sexual Assault

Zines/Educational pamphlets (contact us for copies or click to download)

"An Activist Response to Domestic Violence," by Basil & Erika.
"And Still I Rise: a Zine about Domestic Violence," by Caitlin Grusauskas.
"Beginners' Guide to Responsible Sexuality: For Men," by a Denver collective.
"Change Happens: a Guide to Reforming Your Campus Sexual Assault Policy," by SAFER.
"A D.I.Y. Guide to Preventing Sexual Assault," by Hysteria Collective.
"Dangerous Intersections," by INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence.
"De Ja Vu #1," by The Society for Community, Self and Earth.
"A Guide to Positive Sex!uality," by The Positive Sex!uality Campaign, a project of AASV.
"Learning Good Consent," by unknown authors.
"Let's Talk About Consent Baby," by the Down There Health Collective.
"Let's Talk Consent," by Hysteria Collective.
"Men Can Stop Rape," by Kansas Mutual Aid Collective.
"Men Unlearning Rape," by by Joe Weinberg and Michael Biernbaum.
"My Body My Limits My Pleasure My Choice: A Positive Sexuality Booklet for Young People," by Generation Five.
"No More Denying: Facing Woman-to-Woman Sexual Violence," by Our VOICE and Lori B. Girshick.
"On the Table: My Sexual Assaults," by Melivilla de la Vulva.
"on the road to healing: a booklet for men against sexism," by Basil Elias, Matthew Mullinnix, Matthew Campbell, Jeff Ott, Chris Dixon, and Sam Pullen.
"The Path to... Healthy Sexuality," by A Woman's Touch.
"Sexual Violence at Earlham: Information and Resources," by Katie Jones and Rachael Van Schoik (revised by Marya Bower).
"Silence = Death," by Tasha delos Santos and Samantha Wilson.
"Support," by Cindy Crabb.
"Supporting a Survivor of Sexual Assault," by Men Against Rape Culture and UBUNTU.
"Thoughts About Community Support Around Intimate Violence," by unknown authors.
"Unbecoming Men: A Men's Consciousness-Raising Groups Writes on Oppression and Themselves," by Times Change Press.
"What Do We Do When? A Zine about Community Response to Sexual Assault #2" by unknown authors.
"What Do We Do When? Radical Community Response to Sexual Assault #3," by unknown authors.
"What to Do When: Someone Tells You that You Violated Their Boundaries, Made Them Feel Uncomfortable, or Committed Assault," by unknown authors.
"Witch-Hunt: Addressing Mental Health and Confronting Sexual Assault in Activist Communities," by Annie Anxiety.
"Women's Self Defense #2: Stories & Strategies of Survival," by Ariel Clemenzi.

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