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Friday, October 8, 2010

Anarchists against the passing of Prop 8 (2008)

From COS Campus Online Although the election is over, the controversy and fight over Proposition 8 are just beginning. Immediately after California voters passed the proposition banning gay marriage, protests all over the state arose to contest the decision.
On Tuesday, a group of COS students, former students, and even a couple of high school students rallied in the quad in order to show public opposition to the passing of Prop 8.
There were close to 15 people holding signs that made various declarations such as, "Prop 8 is the new Jim Crow" and "Keep your religion out of our legislation."
The demonstration was not coordinated by the Pride Club but rather by a few students who consider themselves to be anarchists along with some who do not necessarily label themselves, but agree with some of the ideals of the movement.
Ben Flores is a 20 year old Visalia native and is in his third semester here at COS. Flores considers himself to be an anarchist and describes his beliefs as centering around the goal of a nation that is void of absolute power and coercive government rather than lawlessness and chaos. Flores' only vote in the entire election was a No on Prop 8.
"This is the final frontier of discrimination," said Flores.
Flores has attended similar rallies in the Fresno area and hopes that this week's demonstration will encourage others to join in the opposition to what he, along with millions of other voters consider to be an unjust law, and a clear violation of not only separation of church and state but of the Constitution as well.
Omar Gonzalez, a sophomore at COS, held a sign that said, "Protect WHAT marriage? The divorce rate is 50%." Gonzalez does not consider himself to be an anarchist, but was disappointed in a number of the election results.
"Proposition 8 fuels another cycle of hate," said Gonzalez.
Those who participated in Tuesday's protest hope to remind people that this controversy is far from over. They also want to encourage others who feel the same way to petition their legislators and get involved by finding similar rallies and protests.
Flores explained that this was just the first of more demonstrations to come here on campus. He encourages anyone who still opposes the decision to "come by and grab a sign."

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