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Friday, October 8, 2010

Nationwide Homosexual Anarchist Organization Behind Attack on MI Church Planning Further Disruptions (2008)

From LifeSite News - By Kathleen Gilbert LANSING, Michigan, November 14, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) – According to their blog, the radical homosexual anarchist group known as "Bash Back!", which on Sunday disrupted a church service in Lansing, Michigan, planned the disruption at least a month in advance, and affiliated internet sites indicate that similar disruptions are in the works.
The group's Washington, DC branch is currently advertising a rally in the nation's capital today. They intend to protest "neoliberal domination" through a general disruption:
"At 10am on the 15th there’s a Rally and Carnival at Judiciary Square Metro,” says the memo on the event, “and we’ll have a rowdy, raucous queer prescence at the march immediately following, which’ll be themed around a festive celebration of the downfall of capitalism.
"Hope radical queers from all over this crazy land will join us!"
The group touts a history of systematized rebellion against law enforcement to advance an extreme left-wing anarchic agenda. The group was created in April 2007, with the original intention of disrupting both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions this year. At the Republican convention, mounted police forced Bash Back! radicals attempting a road blockade to disband.
Sunday's assault on the Mt. Hope Church attracted little media attention, despite its bizarre and inflammatory nature (http://www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2008/nov/08111104.html).
“It is important that law enforcement from all quarters address this issue," said Catholic League president Donohue, commenting on the group's activities.
The Mt. Hope Church incident is part of a steady trend of disruptive measures by homosexualists in recent weeks against institutions promoting true marriage.
Church threats and vandalism are on the rise in protest-torn California, following the passage of the true-marriage measure Proposition 8 last Tuesday. The Sacramento Bee reports that in Fresno, a prominent pastor who supported Proposition 8 received death threats, prompting police protection. His church was also vandalized.
In Southern California, a Catholic Church's "Yes on 8" signs were rearranged into a swastika. Yes on 8 attorney Andrew Pugno reports several churches have been vandalized with spray-painted No on 8 slogans.
Pacific Justice Institute president Brad Dacus has been keeping track of the damages done by same-sex "marriage" proponents, who have also scratched "No on 8" into the sides of cars with pro-Proposition 8 bumper stickers.
Dacus believes the ongoing vandalism and protests against Prop. 8 will backfire. He noted, "Californians are among the most tolerant people in the world. They are also not stupid, and they deliberately rejected forced acceptance of gay marriage, while leaving in place domestic partnerships and a host of other special rights based for homosexuals.
"The hatred and intimidation we are seeing right now from gay activists could set their movement back years. If anything, they are convincing a lot of Californians that we did the right thing by not caving in to their demands," he said.

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