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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trans Law and Politics on a Neoliberal Landscape (zine)

TransLawPolitics.pdf487.3 KB
TransgenderPoliticsfunky3interactive.pdf402.93 KB

Trans Law and Politics on a Neoliberal Landscape by Dean Spade
“We must have a long-term view about how social change works or else we get short-sighted strategies. The struggle for same-sex marriage is a relevant example in this moment. That fight makes perfect sense from a lawyer’s perspective— ”These things are not equal under the law. I’m going to make them equal.” It only stops making sense when you think a little more broadly about resource allocation in our movements, and about the broader context of the resistance to family and sexual regulation. When we look at the history of feminist and anti-racist critiques of marriage, we can raise questions about why we might not want to be involved in that institution.”
email me if you have questions about printing anything, or if you want a copy mailed to you.

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