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Thursday, November 22, 2012

LoveKills manifesto (2009)


Heteronormative love kills. Love relationships perceived and lived in terms of heteronormativity require the ultimate restriction of one’s freedom of living her/his life without restraints, one’s freedom of true loving. Jealousy and possessiveness, emotional pressure and blackmail, dictating one’s feelings and the way they should be expressed, are instances met almost all the time in monogamous relationships and they are restraining the individual’s sphere of enjoying other kinds of relationships – of friendship, love, mutuality and so on – others then the one and only shared with the other person. Very often this love you are sharing with the opposite gender is nourishing and is brutally imposing beauty standards imprisoning the other one in sexist stereotypes.
Your love for animals kills. The fact that you have adopted a dog/cat or any other pet from a shelter does not award you the status of friend of animals, as long as at your dinner there is corpse lieing in your plate, a corpse that have been subjected to terrifying ordeals, just so that you may satisfy your gustative papilas; as long as in your wardrobe an argentinean fox is being hung, a fox that have been skinned alive just so that you can satisfy your megalomania; and as long as you are keeping in cages wild animals just so that you can delude your alienation and misery of your humankind. Your love for animals kills animals.
Love for your GOD kills. Throughout history GODS have planned and ordered the most bloody massacres, the killing of thousands of people just because they were not worshiping and blindly accepting the blatant abuses done by their churches, had burned on stake and tortured women because unjustified fear of women was hunting them in nightmares.
Love for your country kills. Nationalism is a stove inside which misery is being yeasted. And love for an abstract notion such as nation is canceling first of all your affiliation to an international humanity, it is generating xenophobia, it is arousing wars and killing thousands of people.
Your love for a superior race kills. “Race” is an imagined entity. “Race” has no biological basis. There has been determined only one race: THE HUMAN RACE! But your love for a certain race, your preference for a certain skin color is dehumanizing you and through segregation, discrimination and exploitation it is opening the path towards genocide.

LoveKills special issue #0
1. If I don't beleive in gender why do I call myself a feminist and choose to be "separatist" sometimes?; 2. I refuse to be a second sex!; 3. Radical Love - A manifesto against monogamy and against monotony!!; 4. LoveKills Manifesto; 5. This ain't a Love story (I, II, III); 6. "I'm not a feminist because I don't consider myself a victim"
LoveKills special issue #1
1. Woman, the enemy of the State; 2. Unmarked categories and the question of power; 3. The experience and politics of rape; 4. Abortion is everywoman's right; 5. Non-violence is patriarchal; 6. Orthodox church and the oppression of women; LK Festival #2 report.
LoveKills issue: Institution of hypocrisy, corruption, oppression and manipulation- The Orthodox Church. Case study on Romanian context- BOR
The study is divided in four sections:


Names of Producers/organizers/editors/creators: 
LoveKills anarcha-feminist collective

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